Soil, Water and Forage Testing
Submittal Forms for the Soil, Water and Forage Testing Laboratory
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Only submittal forms with a "18" in the upper right corner are valid.
All old forms should be recycled, as the forms are no-longer accepted.

The Soil, Water and Forage Testing Laboratory has been forced to increase the pricing for a number of its more common tests, including Routine Soil, Routine Water, Nitrate-N, Nitrate, and Acid Detergent Fiber tests.
This is the first increase in pricing for the Routine Water and Soil tests since 1994, and is needed to offset significant increases in supply costs during the timeframe. Customers with larger sample numbers are now afforded a volume discount when submitting larger sample numbers.

Submittal Forms

Small Volume Submittals (PDF) High Volume Submittals (PDF) High Volume Submittal (Excel)
Soil Submittal Form Volume Discount Soil Submittal Form
In development
Profile Soil Submittal Form Volume Discount Profile Soil Submittal Form In development
Urban Soil Submittal Form
Water Submittal Form Volume Discount Water Submittal Form
In development
Plant/Forage Submittal Form Volume Discount Plant/Forage Submittal Form In development
Biosolid/Manure Submittal Form In development

Payment can be made via check, money order or through an online payment system called Aggie Marketplace (customers with invoices). Currently, customers with invoices can go to Aggie Marketplace and pay for one or multiple invoices.

Aggie Marketplace AgriLife Soil & Crop Sciences - Extension payments

Review these simple steps when using Aggie Marketplace: Aggie Marketplace Payments

Sending samples and desire paying with a credit card? Download our credit card payment form:

Credit Card Form

Don't want to mail a credit card number, call the laboratory with your information.

We are working on an approach to allow for sample payment prior to mailing of your samples.

Need a Texas accredited NELAC laboratory? The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality accredits laboratories for multiple sample types and analytical parameters. A listing of accredited laboratories can be downloaded from their website.

Accredited Laboratory List

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